NW15 Lilith, DSM – HCS n 09

DoB: 15th of April, 2009

Her whole name is : Her Highness Lilith the Mighty Minikitten, Ultimate ruler of the universe, Supreme Chancellor of the mankind (and also bearer of other catchy but suitable titles), but at home she is most often called “Squishy”, “Moments”, “No, not again”, “Spoiled Rotten” and so on.

Lilith is the  “special” one (with the very “special” way) in our horde. She has her temper and she has also very strong will, and knows that she deserves special treatment. Lilith is also known blogger, and her writings (with help of her human slave) gain thousands of readers every month.

Lilith is the true ruler of our household, and others obey her rules with no doubts. If some other cats are fighting, it is usually enough for her Highness to descend down from her throne and bring her presence among the others and everything calms down.

During year 2014, Lilith was the 11th best cat in shows in whole Poland – this includes over 2300 breed cats she competed against. Quite an amazing result for our little rescue housecat! And finally, year 2015, Lilith gained the prestigious title of National Winner.

Lilith Show results

More pictures of Lilith are in her own Facebook-gallery.