The Humans

On this page you can learn something about us, the faithful servants of the cats.
We are a couple living in Warsaw, Poland and have dedicated our lives for cats. Our motto is “Cats live here, we just pay the bills”.


I had cats in my life since I was a small child,  so I grew up with them. Oriental cats came to my life during 1998-1999  when I was studying in Ohio, USA and I met the cat of my life, Siamese  female Sy.   Sy was like a shadow to me, always sleeping next to me and purring for  me when I felt lonely. I so wished I could have taken her back to  Finland with me, but unfortunately she was too old to make the trip.  After I returned home, Sy still kept going to sleep on my empty bed, until one day she did not wake up again.  Sy left her pawprints deep into my heart, and I knew back then, that  this is the type of cat that I want to spend rest of my life with. 

After I moved to Poland from Greece, Lilith stepped into my life. Then came sisters Agares and Nano. With Lilith I began attending FIFe-catshows early 2012 and there it all kind of began. 
Our first oriental, Kira,  came to our life end of 2012. For a long time I had this itch, that I  want an oriental or siamese, but never I felt the connection to any of  the hundreds and hundreds of cats I met, than what I had with Sy. Until  Kira popped up and joined our family.

I am sometimes as a steward in catshows, and I truly enjoy presenting  different cats. In couple of the pictures, I am presenting our friend's  singapuras (a breed that I have a passion for!). Thanks especially to  Norbert who lets me handle her purpurs in the shows.
Now I am on my road to become a FIFe-judge. Still a lot to do, but this is my passion and I hope that I can dedicate even more of my time for cats and  their well-being in shows and at their homes.   


Marcin is from us the one that most commonly goes to the catshows when I  stay home with the cats. And he can be seen often running around with  his camera taking pictures.