Kitten from us

Every kitten is very much loved and pampered in our home. We care about our furry children a lot, and that is why we take great care of where we will give our kittens. When contacting us for the first time please write a small introductory email or give us a call, we like to hear where the kitten would be going as well as we love to receive pictures and stories about the kitten later on!

Blackrock Via Nocturna

The earliest we release kittens to their new homes is age of 16 weeks. These last 4 weeks are important for the socialization and learning to be “a cat”. This also allows the kitten to grow for the early neutering.

The price of a kitten starts from 600e (2500pln) (as a pet). All kittens are FIFe-registered, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered before leaving our home. As we live in Warsaw, Poland, you can either come and pick up your kitten from us or we’ll help to arrange a transport. As a buyer you are responsible for the transport fees.

For cats sold for breeding or shows, specific contract is made to highlight the purpose of the cat and also our responsibility in case the cat cannot fulfill the purpose it was bought for, as example female is not getting pregnant despite multiple tries with different studs.

Sometimes we have adult cats available for cheaper price. These adults have been either part of our breeding program or just “stayed behind” when their siblings left to the world. For available adults please check here.

For each cat leaving our cattery we will provide a throughout guide about the breed, feeding and so on. This guide will be provided to you on the moment you pay the reservation fee. Unfortunately the guide is only currently available in English.