FI*Acousticat’s Fire in Cairo – SIA q 03

DoB: 18th of November, 2012

Cortex came to us with her Balinese sister Hulda to be part of our longhair/balinese breeding program. Big thanks belong to the breeder and previous owner Katariina Tirkkonen for letting these two darlings to join our family.

Cortex is very strong-willed cat and a born leader. She has her own peculiar habits, like commanding cats to different spots to sleep, so they are according to her taste. We call this designing. She knows exactly where black cat should be so it will suit the decor in the apartment.

Cortex gave us two wonderful litters and then she was neutered. She became grandma in May 2019 and we are waiting for more of her offspring to give birth. As a mommy Cortex was amazing. When we lost the mother of our P-litter, she adopted all those six kittens while having still couple weeks to go on her pregnancy. She gave milk for those six and when her own babies were born she just turned into supermommy mode and never ran out of milk or patience. Queens like this don’t come to your life often!

Cortex offspring