Breeding Philosophy

"Healthy mind lives in healthy body". To those few words I can combine the ideas behind our breeding program. 
Every breed has it's own problems, and looking only to one issue 
at a time can be catastrophic. Instead, the cat should be viewed as a 
whole "unit" and determined, what it can give for the breed. Every 
mating should be planned ahead with thoughts of "what good can this give
for the breed" and "are the parents cats that should reproduce". The 
answers to those two questions are not often easy to find, as we all 
think that our cat is the best and sometimes become blind for seeing the
forest as all the trees are on the way. 

One of the main things in our breeding program is that we are aiming to use only Queens that are excellent with giving birth and also as mothers. The Queen is the essential building block and the foundations where the kittens start their growth. If the foundations are built on sand, they cannot last. 
I must say I have been very lucky to have such Queens like Lady and Cortex in our home. Both of them have done all and beyond that I could expect from a Queen. 
Below I have gathered some links to my blogposts related to cats and breeding in general. 

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