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Stud services

Occasionally some of our males are available as a stud. Before asking for the stud services, please familiarize yourself with this document, as well as the pedigree of the male in question.
Our studs are not "mass producers", but available only for selected females.

Our studs do matings only in our household and are not shipped away. We have a separate room where the to-be-bride will spend her time and honeymoon. You can see more about the "special honeymoon suite" from here.
If you do not bring own food with you for the cat, we do charge a nominal fee for the housing.

The female should be tested at least against FeLV, FIV and parasites (including Giardia) before entering our household. We test our male(s) frequently, and expect to see the results before allowing your queen to enter the household. The nails should be clipped and cat should not have any visible signs of illness.

After mating has happened, we can offer to keep the female until 2-3weeks after, so ultrasound examination can be done (with the expense of the female owner) to see if the mating was succesful.

In general I do not believe on setting of restrictions for the offspring, but some of our cats might have restrictions based on the agreement with the seller of the cat. We do respect these restrictions and assume you will as well. Before agreeing on the mating, we'll let you know about all the restrictions in written form, so you can make an informed decision.

The stud fee is determined of the male in question. Occasionally we are willing to take a kitten from the litter of the male's offspring. The fee is to be paid by the time the kittens are five weeks old, as we will not sign the registration papers until the fee is paid in full.

Getting to us:
In case you live far from Warsaw, we can offer courier services to get your female here and then back with no extra costs hidden. Please read more of our courier services.


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