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NW15 CorwaElucca Via Nocturna, JW
OSH h 24


DoB: 19th of April 2015
Felv/FIV negative
PRA-not tested


alias Minime, MiniMjaa, Gorgeous Minime, Corwisec, darn tortietude... Loved child has many names.

When Kira made herself her own "minime", there was no doubt of what kitten will stay at home - even we were not considering of keeping a tortie. But here she is, Kiras own minime.

Minime is quite a copy of her mother in every way, besides that she is 500% full of tortietude and she is not afraid to show it! It is just part of her character but sometimes I wish there would be just a tiny bit of less tortietude in her.

Minime began her shows with excellent results. On 12th of September, out of 54 orientals, she was Best in Category and Best of Best 2 (all cats). On 13th she repeated the winning, but being Best of Best 4. So proud of the little baby, as she was less than 5 months of age when achieving this!

Now MiniMe is staying at home and preparing to become a mother. She will return back to the showrings after her litter.


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