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Via Nocturna B-litter
DoB: 17.7.2014
Mother: CH LadywithRed Van Crystaltina (OSH f 03 25)

OSH n 03 25 male - NW 15 GIC Blackrock Via Nocturna,JW
OSH e 25 male - Berserk Via Nocturna
OSH n male - Blackhand Via Nocturna
OSH d 25 female - Burning Soul Via Nocturna
SYS d male - Banshee Via Nocturna (RIP at 8 weeks of age)

Via Nocturna A-litter
DoB: 17.9.2013
Mother: CH Handira Ari-Gan (OSH h 24)

SIA e male - Asnee Via Nocturna, JW
SIA e male - Anurak Via Nocturna
OSH g female - Apsara Via Nocturna
OSH d 24 female- Achara Via Nocturna

Willicon litter in Finland (3 BAL, 1 OLH)
DoB: 30.3.2013
Mother: IC Cleverkitty LoveBabyLove (BAL g 21)

BAL c male - Willicon Pulizon Git
BAL e 21 male - PR Willicon Pupucor Wat
BAL g 21 female - Willicon Pajuncis Za
OLH e 24 female - Willicon Purck A. Tucassa

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