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Mr. Elb
HCS n 03
2006 - 26.10.2015

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Mr. Elb...Words cannot even describe this cat. He was unique. He was found from a field playing with butterflies when he was very young and taken home. There he grew up to be a wonderful cat. So many jokes were made about him - like Mr. Elb is eternal, Mr.Elb is infinite.

He had so many special traits, like he loved to play bowling with empty soda bottles by being the ball himself and charging to them and watching them getting smashed to the walls.

He gave us his big heart that was full of love, he was the best playmate ever for Warre and he was the kind uncle to the kittens. He left behind so big shoes to fill, that I doubt they can ever be filled. He left us in the prime of his age as 9 years old fully healthy cat. He shall always be missed and remembered.

Rest in piece dear Mr.Elb and watch over us from the rainbow bridge. We'll meet again one day, but not just yet. Thank you for all these wonderful years.

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