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Ixtlilton Via Nocturna - OSH b 03
About a week ago, our dear Huttul (Konigsegg Van Crystaltina - OSH b 03 25) was neutered and is now retired from our breeding program.
Updated pages: Available kittens
Updated pages: J-litter, H-litter, Available kittens, Planned litters, Hammaspeikko Via Nocturna
New photos: H-litter 10 weeks old, I-litter 6 weeks old
J-litter was born 25th of October. More information you can find from here.
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New photos: I-litter 6 weeks old, J-litter 1 week old
The H-litter kittens are growing fast. We are also expecting our Moonie (Darkmoon Via Nocturna, JW - OSH n) to deliver her kittens any moment now.
Darkmoon Via Nocturna, JW (OSH n)
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Updated pages: Available kittens, I-litter, H-litter
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Updated: Planned litters, Current litters
New content: H-litter 4 week gallery, I-litter page
New photos: Blackrock, Blackrock in shows, Forcas, Warre

In Warsaw Catshow, our housecat Lilith was BIS on both days.
On Saturday Sonea received her second certificate and Blackrock was nominated for BIS.

On Sunday Geyah Via Nocturna (SIA b 21) was BIS! Congratulations for the owners!

Helppoheikki Via Nocturna
New pictures of H-litter kittens!
H-litter page
H-litter gallery 11 days old
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News: On 27th of August, Siru gave birth to our H-litter. Mommy and the babies are doing well. Latest updates about the litter you will always find in our blog.
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Updated pages: Graffias offspring, Available kittens, Planned litters,

12.8 Updating continues!
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Updated pages: Available kittens
New content: Planned litters
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17.7 Updates (Finally!) done to the page.
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New pictures: General Vezax&Kuurlo, Forcas Via Nocturna

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