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NW15 SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW
OSH n 03 25
IC & IP Rimppakintun Aamuvarhain, OLH e 24 Crimsonette's Frog Prince, OLH n 22
Tistan Alexandra, BAL h
CH LadywithRed van Crystaltina, OSH f 03 25 InnerSpace van Crystaltina, OSH b 03 25
Hemlock Razzle Dazzle, OSH f
CH Konigsegg Van Crystaltina
OSH b 03 25
InnerSpace van Crystaltina, OSH b 03 25 Ferrero Rocher des Dolce&Havanna, OSH b 24
Maramao's Gwendolyn, SYS b 02
Loek-Maew Chocotoff, OSH b 03 CH Purple Prides Genius, OSH b 03 24
CH Jokimasi's X-Clusive, OSH o
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