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Kitten from us

Blackrock Via Nocturna

The kittens live as familymembers in our cattery. They eat good food and enjoy the company of the other cats. Orientals are very social cats, and this is why we are not willing to sell an oriental as only cat in the household.

Kitten from us is ready to leave to its new home at minimum of 14 weeks of age. It will be registered, vaccinated and microchipped and if moving to another country, kitten will have a passport.
Before leaving, the kitten will go through a vet checkup, where the owner is allowed to be present if she/he wants.
Kittens are sold with detailed sale contract and care information will be provided to the new owner.
Kittens sold as pets are always sterilized/castrated before moving to their new homes. 
Kittens are only sold as indoor cats! 

The kittens are "labeled" based on their qualities. All of the kittens are always available "only" as pets, and in the end it is their main purpose in life - to be pampered and spoiled pets :)

BREEDING QUALITY: The kitten/cat can be used for breeding. Some restrictions may apply. Breeding quality cats are sold only to small catteries, who do not keep their cats caged.
SHOW QUALITY: The kitten has no faults that would prevent it from getting Excellent in shows. Certificates / Nominations depend from the competition in the shows, but when a kitten is sold for shows, it is usually one of the most promising babies in the nest.
PET QUALITY: The kitten is sold as pet. Often pet quality kittens do not have any flaws that would not allow them to participate in shows, so if you get interested of shows - go ahead :) Always all kittens / cats sold as pets are neutered before leaving our cattery.

Price of the kitten varies depending of to what it is sold for. If sold as a pet the price starts from 600e. Reservation fee is about 1/3 of the price of the kitten. This is to ensure that the kitten is reserved and has a home waiting for it.
If kitten moves to another city/country, the transport fees are to be paid by the new owner. We can help with making the arrangements for using trustworthy couriers.

If you are interested of a kitten from us, call us or drop an email and tell us a bit more about yourself. You can find our contact details from this page.

The kittens are like children to us, so we would love to receive occasional email or picture of the kitten and know how they are doing in their new homes.

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