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7th Heaven's Infinite Plan, OSH w 64

Imladris Indil Orlando, SIA d 21 Kattilan Eh-what's up, SIA n 21
Imladris Indil Gin, OSH w 64
Hensleek Stardust of 7th Heaven, OSH w 64 CH Felitan On target of Hensleek, OSH ns 22
Hansleek Nakashi, SIA w 67

GC 7th Heaven's Fleur de Lis, OSH h 25

CH Felichaun Myrrdin of 7th Heaven, OSH b GC RW Felichaun Marco Argentato, OSH bs 25
CH Calenacat's Chin-Chin of Felichaun, OSH b
CH 7th Heaven's Song-Of-Autumn, OSH hs 25 CH Kattalyst Midas of 7th Heaven, OSH ds 25
GC RW 7th Heaven's Sempre Stellina, OSH n 24
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