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Our cats live as part of the family and their unique needs are always taken into account.

We have a big flat with two balconies that gives space for our cats to live together. The apartment is pretty much designed and furnitured having cats in mind, as we think that cats own this place and we just pay for the expenses!

Kittens are born and raised with us, having constant companion of other cats of the household as well as humans. We do not cage our pets!

For studs we have a private wedding suite, which also serves as quarantine space if need requires. The suite has easy to clean surfaces, a big window with view as well as comfortable places to lay and sleep. Even if the stud has to live separately from our females when active (to avoid any unplanned matings), the stud still receives a lot of human attention as well as has other cats to keep him company. From this link you can find pictures of our freshly renovated studroom.

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